Jacqueline Groves


“Jacqui, it’s good to know you’re always there. Your straight talking down to earth manner and wicked sense of humour help me get back on track every time.”

Kim (Paris)


“Thank you so much for your help and support and also can I just say how wonderful you have been with your help and support over the last few months.

I could never have coped with what has turned out to be an incredibly difficult situation – both with the  mental and emotional abuse – without your expertise and knowledge  – and I have been especially grateful for your help in discussing the issues that have faced me – as well as advice as to the best way forward for me to deal with a very difficult person.

I have been especially grateful to you – as I know this has not been a normal situation – and you have been amazing – and when you promised me you would be there for me through thick and thin – I have been overwhelmed by you doing just that. No matter whether it has been a late Sunday night – a weekend – or evening – you HAVE been there – and you have been my guardian angel.

I would never stayed so strong – and would have gone back into the abusive situation – which probably would have been the end for me –

You have been my saviour – and although I know we have quite a bit of work still to do – I will always remember you with immense gratitude.

Thank you – for everything – you undoubtedly saved my life”

Jenny- London



Life can be tough sometimes can’t it? Every now and again though…. you can catch a real break and just get SO lucky.   That’s what happened to me when I came across Jacqui’s website.   In a matter of weeks, Jacqui has helped me to turn my life around. I am more ‘on track’ now than I have been in 20 years….with the prospect of an enticing future on the horizon. (when I first spoke to Jacqui, she will testify that I was …..’down the bottom of the well of despair’)   If you can….. take the opportunity to work together with Jacqui.  In partnership…you can sort out the mess and jumble life can become.   Someone with Jacqui’s skills is a very rare find. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been able to benefit from her expertise and experience.   I hope you will too.   Here’s a salute to you Jacqui…..with my very best wishes and thanks.

Gwen ( UK)


“At the end of my tether, I contacted Jacqui.  An excellent CBT therapist with commitment to her work and reflecting a ‘can do’ attitude throughout.  I have now learned to be in control of my anxiety and keep it at bay. Don’t suffer alone! Carole-UK



I have been through so much in one year. Bereavement, seperation and personal crisis. There were times when I did not think I would ever recover or feel better but I did with your help. It is hard to put into words how much you helped me. Through it all you offered support, care, empathy and comfort. You made me feel normal when I felt far from normal. You gave me hope for the future and helped to provide me with the strength I needed to move forward. You have a huge amount of knowledge, experience and a special gift to help people. The world is a better place with you in it” Alison


Jacqueline Groves AdvDipCBT is a Psychotherapist and coach with over 23 years experience of helping clients overcome emotional abuse from toxic relationships.



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